Marketing Strategy

Ensure business growth through data driven marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing

Generating demand and driving top lines, our digital experts always aim for market share.

Public Relations

We have deep journalistic roots and extensive expertise across the fragmented media landscape

Brand Strategy

Build a powerful brand that world talks about and refer to others.

CRM - AI Automation

Discover actionable insights to optimize the sales performance.

Market Assessment

Identify the new market opportunities and make better business decisions.

Our BBPS Services

Postpaid Bill

Broad Band



Data Card



Gas Pipeline



Municipal Corporation

Prepaid Data Card


Our Perspective

Rapid Innovation

Prepare for the foreseeable future with an accelerated, 10-day sprint that uncovers signals of change and fast-tracks, quick-win implementation opportunities.

Transform Forward: Fueling Momentum Through Continuous Improvement

When your organization transforms forward, every function—from Marketing to IT—flexes its muscle for continuous change, driving towards a shared vision for relentless improvement. Transformation has the potential to make your organization stronger, more adaptive, and more resilient. Unlocking its promises begins with taking a step forward.

Change Economics

Many organizations suffer from misaligned expectations, ineffective prioritization, and an underappreciated opportunity surrounding change and transformation. Addressing these challenges starts with how you value change and transformation initiatives.

Who We Are

Dasv is a forward thinking, fast paced CRM & marketing outsourcing company that has an innate ability to listen to a client’s needs and read the market, to develop marketing product and strategies that work.

Our Philosophy

At Dasv we have a team of people who are empowered to be themselves, share ideas, and make the most out of life whether it’s at work or at play. We share our philosophy and culture with all our clients and develop relationships based on good work ethic and communication.

How We Work

Dasv becomes your outsourced customer relationship and marketing department in exchange for a small equity or a small monthly fee . Whether you need a complete marketing team, or one to run that important project, you will find our in-house marketers, AI managers, graphic designers, web developers, social media experts, public relations, publishing and digital experts extraordinary to work with.

DNA for Bootstraped Startups

How we work with bootstrapped startups:

The marketing success factors for bootstrapped startups differ from those of funded startups and scaleups. The businesses which succeed beyond bootstrap phase usually do so because they made the right choices at the right time when building the product and marketing engine. These are the challenges we help you face:


  • MVP and data-led indicators of market interest
  • Discovering the most efficient marketing channels
  • Creating an optimal sales funnel with buyer journeys
  • Hiring the right type of talent at the right time
  • Selecting the right target audience and platform(s)
  • Understanding positioning and using it effectively
  • Building a tech stack to power future growth
  • Establishing product market fit


Equity Based Marketing Otsourcing
  • Outsourced Marketing Department

    We’ll take care of your marketing so that you have time to run your business

  • Marketing Consulting

    We strategically headhunt marketing managers and directors that have experience in the entire marketing mix at a level that is consistent with addressing key issues that a business may have.

  • International Marketing

    The international market is incredibly diverse, untapped potential and a huge range of profitable opportunities. However, this diversity can make international marketing operations quite complex, requiring the synchronization of a variety of skills in order to be successful.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is continually becoming more important as more and more companies take their business online. Increasing a business’ online presence will increase brand recognition and generate leads.

  • CRM - AI Automation

    CRM Automation means utilizing intuitive and modern technologies to greatly communicate with your valuable leads and prospects. Our software platforms are used for organisations to reduce automate repetitive tasks and make marketing & Presales / Sales initiatives increasingly time efficient and overall more successful.

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